Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giveaway Coming Soon...

One more is a picture of me with the Little Peanut!!!  I always like to know what "The Blogger" looks like.  Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Ladies and Gentleman...I introduce to you...MY PEANUT!!!

Wow!  What a busy past couple of days!  Tuesday was Dylan's MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE.  Holy smokes, I'm getting old!  I cannot believe it.  He was literally just watching Elmo and Dora a few days ago, wasn't he?  THEY. GROW. TOO. DARN. FAST.

Last night, Chris (the man) and I had Business After 5.  You see, Chris is the Executive Director for a neighboring community's Chamber of Commerce, and I am the Marketing Manager for another Chamber of Commerce.  Yeah, I know, crazy.  But that's how we met.

Today was Little Peanut's 4 month check.  Love going to the doctor and having him say how perfect she is, etc, but HATE the whole shot thing.  I know, I know, shots are good in the grand scheme of things.  I just wish they could give them all orally.  Poor Little Peanut legs.... :FROWNING:....

I am so glad it's Thursday so that all of these events are over and I can get back to this project...BLOGGING. 

What's on the agenda for the weekend?  SHOPPING!!!  Back-to-school shopping for Dylan and maybe a few purdy things for Mama and Peanut!!!  What are YOUR plans for the weekend?

As the title is my Sweet Little Peanut, Miss Braelyn. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello Everyone!

I am proud to introduce my blog, "Bringing Up Peanut"!!!  I am the mother of 2 wonderful children, Dylan, age 10 (almost 11) and Braelyn, 4 months.  I know, I know, I spaced them out a lot...BUT, we are having a lot of fun and we invite you to follow our blog.  We'll have lots to talk about:  Babies & Parenting, Food, Fashion...AND....also will be adding product reviews & giveaways very soon! 

Today's post is short since I am currently working on the format and design.  Have a great Monday!