Sunday, September 12, 2010

Props to the Ladies

While the boys are drooling all over their football, I think it's appropriate to give props to my ladies.  You see, I have a "list" of blogs that I read RELIGIOUSLY every day with coffee.  Hats off, Ladies, you're the best!!!

Here's my list:
I've followed Georgie Girl the longest.  She had her little Charlotte just a few weeks before I had my Lil' Peanut.  Great fashion, beautiful baby, gorgeous lady and FABULOUS book reviews.  Love her!!!
This feisty, spunky lady is one of my tops!  She's super cute and her little girl is just as adorable!  Very funny and real SAHM.
I started by watching Meghan's vlogs on YouTube when I was pregnant.  She has some great baby and beauty product reviews!
My newest fave...this chick rocks!  I've been in tears from some of her entries.  She is so like me, it's comical!  She's very funny and very real!
SOOOOO FUNNY!!!  You have to read this lady's blog, she's hilarious!!!  She speaks the truth and spills it all.  I laugh every time I read a new entry!

There are a few more, but today I wanted to give props to my "Top 5".  Please visit their blogs and vote for them on Top Mommy Blogs!!!

Enjoy your Sunday...I'm off to make Baked Ziti for the boys AND to rescue my Lil' Peanut from the football game!  Her Daddy is so proud though, she's wearing her very first Green Bay Packers shirt!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Busy day today, folks!  I just thought I'd stop by and say a quick "hi"!  Some people would probably like to kick me in the head, but I LOVE FALL WEATHER.  I know, the end of summer and closer to winter, but there's just something about today that makes me want to make pots and pots of homemade soup.

I am loving boots, leggings and layers too!

Happy Fall Everyone!
Lil' Peanut's Mama

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a Middle-Schooler's Mom!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

I have not been as good about blogging on here as I initially intended, but I'm back and raring to go!  The last few days have been spent preparing for the first day of school.

My baby boy started MIDDLE SCHOOL yesterday!  Ouch, I feel old and WOW, do I miss him during the day.  I believe I was more nervous than he was for the first day.  I even had a few tears sneak out when I watched him board the bus. 

Dylan is the most perfect son and big brother a mom and sister could ever ask for.  He is wonderful with Braelyn.  As soon as he got home from his first day, he went straight to his baby sister and gave her kisses.  She responded with huge smiles and squeals.  It's those types of moments that remind me of how lucky I am.

My 6th Grader, Dylan