Friday, February 24, 2012

ABCs and 123s

Happy Friday!

Another milestone to discuss.  For the past few weeks now, Braelyn is saying her ABCs AND counting from 1-10 and backwards from 10-1!!!  She could count and sing all day!

She also wore her first 'big girl' bandaid the other day.  I put a Tangled (Rapunzel) band-aid on a little owie that she had on her knuckle.  She was so excited and kept it on all day!!! 

What a precious little girl.  Love her so much!!!  Only 2 months until her 2nd Birthday!!!  Wowzas!!!

Have a great weekend!
Jaime "Peanut's Mom"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

UH OH!!!

Good Morning!

Just documenting another cute fact about our Lil' Peanut.  UH OH is her favorite saying right now.  She says UH OH to about everything.  If I'm holding her and Daddy tries to take her, she says, "UH OH!"  If she falls down, "UH OH!"  If I try to change her diaper, she says, "UH OH!"  It's so cute and I just love it.

She almost has her entire alphabet down pat and can count to 10!!!  My brilliant little "Beep"!!! 

In other news, her brother was 1 of 14 students in his class of 150-something kids to get on the HIGH HONOR ROLL!!! 


Have a great day!
Jaime "Peanut's Mom"