Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Princess Party!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Believe it or not, Miss B is turning 11 months old this Friday!  I will post her stats and 11 month info on Friday, btw. 

Makes me want to cry!  ONE YEAR OLD???  I am going to hide my sadness that my little girl is growing so fast, though, and plan a HUGE PRINCESS PARTY!!!

Princess Braelyn's cousin, Princess Savannah, is turning 4 years old just days before Princess Braelyn, so we are having a joint party for the two girls...on Easter Sunday.  I figured it makes sense, with family coming over already.

Who's making the cake???  Well...ME, OF COURSE!!!  I'm kicking a few ideas around...

Which one do you like the best???

Happy Spring! (Even though it's snowing here...yuck.)

Jaime "Peanut's Mom"


  1. they are all fabulous - you will have to send me a picture of the one you make - we are so sorry we'll miss her first birthday, but we'll visit before we leave and give her a birthday kiss!


    Gramma Jane

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