Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fever

I believe we all have it.  It's been so nice these past few days!  I just hope we don't get any more snow or cold temps. 

As I mentioned yesterday, we have been BUSY.  Last week, we went with "Da-Da" on a short trip out of town.  He had a conference to attend for work and me and the kids got to do some serious shopping.

We even got some reading in.  Braelyn loves books...so much that she was looking at Mama's book too...
Anyone with a baby knows just how much stuff you need to pack when you travel.  I did an excellent job...I remembered everything!  The only thing I hadn't thought about was bath time.  Oh no, my tiny girl was to bathe in a BIG TUB???  As you can see for yourself, she did great!  (I don't know why I was so worried!)
We spent the first day shopping at the mall across the highway from our hotel.  We found a couple of things...Dylan got his Green Bay Super Bowl shirt that he wanted.  We got Chris a Green Bay Super Bowl pub glass.  I got a few clearance shirts.  I wasn't overly impressed for the time that we spent there.  In my head, we should have left with bags upon bags of good stuff!  My poor kids were tired after all that!

A couple of weeks ago, we bought Braelyn some clothes at Target.  I really love their stuff.  However, this cute little shirt has a small head opening.  We sure did get a cute picture out of it though.
I LOVE this outfit from Target...it has a little mesh skirt attached to the shirt.

Like I said above, she likes to read!  Here is cute picture of Braelyn and her Daddy reading the Sunday paper...
Sunday night, we went to dinner at the Bamboo House with Mom and some of my siblings.  We had a great time!  Do you see the look on Dylan's face?  He had a blast!
Chris attempted to take a picture of us...it's a cute one, but he had a funny expression on his face and Braelyn looked away!
What did we do for Valentine's Day?  Chris took us out for dinner on Saturday night at our favorite steak place for Valentine's Day.  Sunday, we went to the Bamboo House.  Last night, he came home with roses and a beautiful card and toys for the kids...(and Subway for dinner!)  What a great guy!  Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Next post:  GARDENING...(I bought all of my seeds for this year's massive garden!)  I'll be looking for advice on a few things!

Have a great day with lots of melting snow!

Jaime "Peanut's Mom"

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