Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...and Peanut's 1st Birthday!

Hi Everyone!
We've been super busy, sorry for the lack of posts! 

The big news of the day?  MORE SNOW!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of the start of it...
Little Braelyn's Swing...won't be used for a few days now...
Just minutes within the start of the snow...I'm hearing 10-12 inches!!!???
That's enough to make me sick!  The Easter Bunny is coming, Mother Nature...LAY OFF!!!

I am busy preparing our house for the BIG 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY on Easter Sunday, too.

We are having family over to celebrate both holidays AND Miss Braelyn will share her Princess Party with her cousin, Savannah, who turns 4 in just a few days. 

We're going to have cake, cupcakes, soups and sandwiches.  I'm decorating with a Pink Princess Theme. (OF COURSE!)

Here's my little sweetie, taking a bath this morning...age 11 Months, 3 Weeks and 1 Day...
Yes, she has taken a bath every single day since her cord fell off.  In other (related) news, yes, I shower every day (during her nap) and do full hair and make-up.  Don't judge, we're high maintenance girls!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Jaime "Peanut's Mom"


  1. Now that I am old and gray (colored, of course) I can finally leave the boat without eye makeup if I want to! Didn't get that liberated until 2 or 3 years ago - still won't leave without putting on my mouth (lips shrink with age :( High maintenance is OK - leave the natural look to the flower children!!!

  2. I love that and agree 100%!!! :)