Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is this a Blog or an Online Baby Book?

Good Morning Everyone (or to my 2 readers)...

That's actually the topic of this post.  My motivation to sit and type on here has been a little below what it should be.  Yes, I'm extremely busy.  There is a lot going on in my life...EVERY DAY it's something new.  I read about a dozen Mom Blogs at least every other day (when time allows) and I find myself stumped as to why I do not have more followers/readers.

Should this bother me?  Probably not.  It does though, just a teeny bit.  My own family seldom (if ever) reads this. 

(SPECIAL NOTE: I have a massively large family.) 

If nothing else, it does serve as an online/electronic baby book...something more for our memories of raising Baby Braelyn.  Right?

Just look at this Sweet Little Girl...(This is from her 12 Month Photo Session)...
Onto other items...

The weather is gorgeous and I am trying to set aside 10-15 minutes per day to get a little color.  WOW, I am ghostly pale!  I would love to try some of these self-tanning products that are obviously much healthier for my skin, but for the really great ones...$80.00 for a 30 day supply???  I guess I'll opt for dangerous tanning.  Just a little.

We have our garden tilled and ready for planting!  We plan to do this over the next couple of weeks.  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, peas, green beans, you name it!  I am looking forward to a healthy summer diet with lots of veggies and fruit!!!

Have a great day,
Jaime "Peanut's Mom"

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