Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Already Been 1/2 Year???

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We were busy, busy, busy...preparing for the big costume party wedding reception for my sister and brother-in-law (this Saturday already)!!!

We have a happy Daddy, with big wins from both the Badgers (on Saturday) and the Packers (last night)!

Today's big news???  MY PEANUT IS 6 MONTHS OLD!!!  Already???  I know people say it all the time.  I say it all the time.  Life just goes by too quickly, especially when you have kids.

Here is a newborn picture of Peanut (1 week old)...

Peanut (her real name is Braelyn, by the way) was JUST BORN.  Now, she's babbling and teething and eating baby food and getting ready to crawl???  It is very difficult, because it's a happy AND sad feeling.  Happy, because she makes us so happy with everything that she does.  We laugh all the time because she is just so funny.  I love to see what each day brings, because she's changing and growing so fast.  I love to hear her babble and giggle.  She has the most precious little voice I've ever heard.  I love to see her whole face light up with the biggest, prettiest smile you ever did see...especially when her brother gets home from school and Daddy gets home from work.  Happy, because we are so blessed with a healthy, perfect little girl.  Happy, because life is just better with her here.  I can't really remember (or maybe I don't want to remember) what life was like before Peanut arrived.  Everything is just better...

Why the sad feeling?  It makes me sad that time goes by so fast.  Babies don't stay little very long at all.  As I said a million times, my firstborn is in middle school.  In no time at all, I will have to send my baby girl off to school too.  I am terrified of that day.  Okay, I have to change the tone of this.  I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking of it.

What is Peanut up to these days?

Well, she is working very hard at getting her first 2 teeth in.  They seem to be taking forever.  She is a tough little girl, but they do bother her from time to time.  She likes to bite on her hand, her blanket and her teething doll that Aunt Jenny bought her.  She doesn't care for teething rings and plastic teething toys.

She is very smiley and gives her biggest grins to Mommy, Daddy and her brother, Dylan.  She is shy now with strangers and is very selective with who is able to hold her.

She is starting to creep backwards.  She can roll from tummy to back, but will not do it often, as it scares her.  I KNOW she can roll from back to tummy, but again, she's a little scared to roll.

She can sit for short periods of time unassisted on the floor.  I know that it's only a matter of a week or two and she'll be sitting by herself all the time.

She LOVES Dora the Explorer and will watch an entire episode.  Some people do not agree with babies watching TV, but when Mommy needs a shower, this works great.  She sits in her bouncy seat right outside the bathroom door and watches Dora.  I can see her the whole time and she is content.  Dylan watched Dora when he was little and I think it's a really great show.

She has not shown preference to certain foods yet.  Most baby food, she'll make a face for the first few bites, but then will eat most any kind.  She seems to like pears a little more than the others though.

She loves going places and riding in the truck.

When she gets frustrated or mad, she will scream so loudly (and high-pitched) that I am sure my eardrum will explode.  She is my little Irish Girl.

She already likes to drink water out of a sippy cup!  My advanced little Peanut...

She is wearing size 6-9 months.  She continues to be in the 80th percentile for weight and height.  She is just a little smaller than what Dylan was when he was her age.  I understand that it's common for girls to be slightly smaller than boys when comparing siblings.

She loves her Daddy to sing to her.  It's the sweetest thing.  She could listen to him for hours.  I love that she loves music.  I will start her in some sort of lessons early, such as piano (but only if she wants to, of course).

She could be carried around by her Mama, looking at everything for hours.  She is a very intelligent little girl and loves to have constant interaction.

My, how she's is a recent picture of Peanut (at 5 months)...

Today (and everyday) hug and kiss your "babies" and tell them how much you love them.  Hold them close just a little longer.  They grow and change so fast...

Have a great day everyone!

Jaime "Peanut's Mom"

P.S. This song has been in my head all morning...please listen to true...I love you so much, my Little Peanut!!! 

"Let Them Be Little"


  1. too true - time goes by so fast - but each new day brings you another facet of your child and you actually grow together - I'm so glad that Braelyn is here!

  2. Yesterday I was having a ruff day w/ my girls. Eva wouldn't nap and sometimes Emme is an attention hog. Then I watched Oprah and it really put everything into perspective. It was an episode about a couple that lost all three of their kids in a car accident. It made me think about how it really does go by so fast and we really have to appreciate everything we can while we can. Emme is 5mnths today and Eva will be 21 mnths next week. I just don't know where the time goes. Thank God for digital Cameras!!

  3. Oh ya, If it weren't for Dora, Diego & The Princess and the Frog nothing would ever get done around here. :)

  4. Bill, so true...we miss you and hope you're having fun! Lori, I have yet to see The Princess and the Frog...I hope to purchase it and a few other of the Disney Princess movies (especially Cinderella) in the next couple weeks! Can't wait to see Eva and Emme's Halloween costume pictures! =)