Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peanut's "New Cry"

After a difficult couple of days (post-6 month shots), Peanut is having trouble sleeping.  This is really hard for Mom and Dad, because she has been sleeping ALL NIGHT since she's been about 10 weeks old.

Are we just spoiled?  Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 4-20 teeth???  OR...

Is this still a reaction from the shots?

I swear, she flinches and winces like someone is hurting her when she wakes up.  Is she having a terrifying nightmare with big, scary nurses and huge needles coming at her?  Or is this another case of Mama being too dramatic?

Of course, I feel so bad for Peanut.  My heart just breaks when she cries her "new cry."  Yes, babies develop a "new cry" when they start teething.  If you think I'm crazy, you just wait.  It's no longer the gradual build-up from soft to loud cry.  It goes to full-on, "I need something NOW cry."  For some reason, it just sounds like a SADDER cry too.  :FROWNING AND YAWNING:

Please say a little prayer that Peanut's teeth will HURRY UP AND COME THROUGH!  (Thank You!)

In other news, we are hosting a wedding reception for my sister and brother-in-law on Saturday.  I have a lot to accomplish today and tomorrow, but we are all really looking forward to the party.  It's a costume party, by the way.  I'm still trying to finalize my costume.  Guess what Peanut's Mom will NOT be for Halloween?  (See scary nurse picture above...)

I will have many fun pictures to post after the weekend.

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?  Comment and tell me and you'll receive an entry to our giveaway!!! ($50 Gift Card to Wal-Mart of Target...your be drawn on Wednesday!)

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Hope you have a wonderful day!

Jaime "Peanut's Mom"


  1. I am wearing my 'bon voyage ' clothes as we will finally be pulling out of here on Monday!!

  2. Cool! How's the weather??? It's a balmy 38 degrees here in good Ol' Wisconsin...BRRR!!!

  3. Lucas is at that stage now. The 2 bottom teeth came in without him fussing at all. (He actually got his first one without me knowing for a day or 2 cuz he never cried) But now on to the 2 top teeth! AHHH. He has screamed hourly for the last 2 days and I just can't wait for the teeth to 'break free'. Last night he wouldnt take his baba cuz his teeth hurt, so you can imagine how great bedtime was!!! hope your lil peanut is doing good!!! later