Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day and Product Review

Happy Election Day!

Please, please vote...every vote really does count.  I am going to take Peanut to the Town Hall later today for her first time "voting".

I have decided to do my first product review also.  This item was something that was given to us this past weekend and I absolutely LOVE IT.  Even better, PEANUT LOVES IT.

Ladies and Gentlemen...let me introduce, the JUMPEROO!!!

My cousin, Erin, has a little girl who is older than Braelyn and she sent me a text on Saturday that said, "Do you have a decent Jumperoo for Braelyn?"  I'm thinking, Johnny Jump-Up?  Exersaucer?  Yes, she does have both of those.

"No, that is not a Jumperoo."  Erin sent me a picture text showing me what she was talking about.  "Yes, we would love that!" I said.  I just didn't know how much "we" would love it.

Peanut spent most of her Sunday in this Jumperoo.  Well, not most, but she spent a lot of time in it.  It is so cute, makes fun "horsey" noises and is such a great workout for her little legs. 

I strongly recommend that every new parent invests in a Jumperoo.  I could not find this specific model and style for sale on Amazon or Fisher Price's website, but there are many other styles out there.  Thanks Erin, we're having a blast with it!

Get jumping...and GO VOTE!

Tomorrow is the big drawing for my giveaway...you can enter up until midnight tonight.

Have a great day!
Jaime "Peanut's Mom"


  1. We have a jungle jumperoo and Emme loves it. Eva never bounced in it as much as Emme does but she liked it too. Emme just goes nuts in it. I put her in it every morning when I give Eva her breakfast and she just happily bounces and grins her little almost toothless grin the whole time.

    We took Eva & Emme w/ us to vote a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't believe how many kids were there w/ there parents. What a great way to show kids about their duties as a citizen.

  2. let's keep developing that little horsewoman - she's a real girl - loves the horsies! her cousin Cora will want to show her how to ride the pony when she gets bigger!

    Love, love, love,

    Gramma Jane

  3. Your baby is so cute! I have been reading your blog for a few days and see that I need to follow you in order to be entered in your prize drawing. I am 7 months preggers with a little girl. Keep up the good work!