Monday, November 1, 2010

First Words!!!

Good Morning,

Big news...Peanut said her first words.  Just a few days ago, she said "Da-Da".  Yesterday, on Halloween, she said "Mama"!!!  This morning, she is saying "Mama" constantly.  I love every minute of it!

Peanut celebrated her 1st Halloween this past weekend.  She went as a ballerina and was super adorable.  I only have a couple of pictures of her that turned out.

Here are a few costumes photos from this past weekend...

Chris went as Richard Simmons and was the big hit of the party.  I went as a Solid Gold Dancer.  Peanut was a Ballerina and Dylan opted to not dress up.  (I was sad about that one...)


  1. Mine both said 'da da' first - must be a schmooze to keep daddy bringing home the bacon! Love your costumes - what fun!

    Is she still waking up at night?

  2. Must be! Thanks..we had fun! =)

    No, she's back to sleeping all night, thank goodness! Still no teeth though!!!

  3. Emme went as a Bee & Eva was a Lady Bug. It was sooo cute. I can't wait until they are a little bigger and can really enjoy Halloween. Eva seemed alittle worried about why everyone was dressed up.

    PS I love the Richard Simmons costume!!

  4. You have a very beautiful little girl! I am wanting another baby. I have 3 boys ranging from ages 2-6 years old. Another baby would be a welcome addition to our family. Let's hope my husband agrees :)